Exploring a City as a Lone Ranger

  1. My Singaporean friend was my personal tour guide for one day. I honestly believe that is one of the best ways to explore a city… with a resident that knows the ins and outs. I wrote about the experience here.
  2. I explored the city with two of my brother’s friends. They both live in Singapore and the experience was also interesting. I was exploring with people I met for the first time but who also knew me relatively through my brother. They were amazing tour guides as well and each other them brought their our flavour to my Singapore experience.
  3. The third way I explored Singapore was as a Lone Ranger. I decided to be ‘Vome the Explorer’ in this beautiful city and set out to EXPLORE.
  1. There is no pressure to do what the crowd wants to do. You can decide your own itinerary without considering what the majority want to do or having to get anyone else on board. It can be a totally selfish experience. You can decide, “okay, I want to hop on a tour bus today” or “I just want to sit next to the river this minute”. No pressure!
  2. You can have some reflective ‘me’ time! I had time to just ‘sit’. It is amazing how we do not realise we just don’t ‘sit’ until we have the time to just ‘sit and dream’. I enjoyed having time with my own thoughts; however, I am a reflective person.
  3. You can actually enjoy the scenery and explore properly. Sometimes it can be distracting with others. When you explore as a lone ranger you have the freedom to just TAKE IN THE CITY!!!!!



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Vome Aghoghovbia

Vome Aghoghovbia


Vome is the founder of Ignite Energy Africa | Energy enthusiast and STEM lover | Author of Everyone Deserves to Sparkle